Learning is The Ultimate Superpower

Entropy is real. There are only two modes in life. It’s either you’re actively advancing against the pull of entropy or you’re passively succumbing to its unrelenting forces that aim to nullify all your efforts. The top shared quality of all elite performers in all disciplines is that they are forever learners. They’re perpetual students […]


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Make Your Bed – Favorite Quotes

This book is simply phenomenal. The lessons in this short book are the timeless backbones of leaders of strong character. I’ve decided to share my highlights from this amazing book in this blog post as a way to go through them again one by one. The chapter titles crystalize the essence of each life lesson […]

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Start Smart

Your position in life is a the accumulated results of your choices. Actions do have consequences. Where you are is based on the trajectory you set for yourself years ago through choices that led to a sequence of actions especially those you chose to repeat over time. Where you are going to be ten years […]

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Positive Sum

Abundance is such a great word. It is a much better concept than zero sum games where the winner takes it all and the loser has to fall. It is possible to consider winning in a world where we only peddle win-win situations. Your best new customer is your old customer. This is because a […]

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Beginner’s Mindset

We start life with complete ignorance. Life overwhelms us and we cry and our care and well-being lie entirely in the hands of our parents. Then we learn, discover the world, explore our abilities, and adapt to the world’s feedback. We reach a level of competency in our ability to learn culminating in taking our […]

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Home, No More

Home is where the heart is. It’s a saying that will always remind me of a good movie by Natalie Portman. The title conveys a deep meaning about whatever place we consider our home. It is not a place, a city, or a house. A home is where we feel we belong, and where we […]

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The Apprenticeship

Change is the only constant in life. You are born a baby and then you grow into an adult. Even though your body doesn’t grow taller but you keep on growing emotionally, and intellectually. Experience polishes and carves you into who you are today. Your environment, the people that control, guide, and accompany you on […]

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Perpetual Power

Look in the mirror. What do you really see? Can you feel a sense of purpose for the tasks you have set up for the day or a sense of dread? Are you looking forward to something that definitely excites you, or lamenting the weight of your daily Sisyphus toils pushing the same rock up […]

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Trust The Process

It really doesn’t matter how anything starts but what always matters is how it ends. You definitely end up making this choice for yourself. A cup of coffee is nothing but water, ground coffee beans, and heat. You fill in a measure of water, add a couple spoonfuls of coffee, then place it on a […]

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The Shortcut

People are always in a hurry to get somewhere faster, and with less effort. It’s the need for new tools and technologies that created our way of life right now. You want to be able to move faster, be stronger, eat more, see farther, hear over long distances, learn anything immediately, own as much property […]

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