Volition – A Poem

It’s that time again

You sink or swim.

You fight or take flight,

Go to war or crumble in silence.

But it never ceases to amaze

The swiftness and grace

With which fortune plays

With your life and your fate.

It stains the horizon with the woes and the foes

It ebbs and flows

It comes and goes

It hastens and slows.

But it always comes anew

Like a debtor for his dues.

It calls unto you

To answer your own prayers

It’s your path and the forks are your own

A path you may take

Or one you have to make,

Plow, cut, or break.

Whether it goes up or down

Leads to a mountain, a ridge, a ditch, or a bridge,

Or a stone wall or a steep fall,

As long as you have the gall

To go down one if at all

Don’t ponder for too long

Or dwell in the same bed

It is motion that helps the head

To stand in a good stead

March on the hot gates of Leonidas

Hunt Ahab’s whale

Slay Dragons,

Or sail a ship in a gale,

Face-off with a Hydra

Growing two monster heads,

Decapitate Medusa

Leave the Chimera in shreds,

Go down the belly of the beast

Fight all the way out.

You’ll never conquer anything

As fearsome as your own self-doubt.

Words hold a promise to raise on a pedestal

Or raze in a blaze

You utter magic spells, they’re yours to own and choose

To walk over dead corpses,

Hell in your wake,

Or sow a bed of roses

Kindness is where hope blooms.




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