On The Road To Greatness – Dedication to “Shahyn”

I was browsing through my Instagram feed and then I saw his new hip new video clip. I hit the link and the song is really cool man, like the guy is seriously talented and he deserves to succeed and get the fame and fortune he’s owed.

The thing is, I knew this guy, not personally, not really friends or anything, I think we only might’ve shared elevator rides and said our head-nod hellos passing each other at my old job.

I’m not really into rap all that much either, but the thing is that I respect the man’s dedication to his craft and talent, for believing in himself and his capacity to succeed, in his perseverance in his own journey.

I know a few people who are at different stages of their own journey. Artists of all types and sorts, photographers, designers, singers, actors, and on and on and on. Some of them are still clawing their way with bare hands, some hopped on a great opportunity but it was a mere 15 minutes of fame that panned into nothingness, and some have completely given up.

To the latter crowd, I dedicate this song.

Keep believing in yourself. Keep up the faith in your dreams. Keep at it. Never give up.

The treasure is really in the journey itself. There’s no such thing as “making it” because life will never stop trying to knock you down.

Actually the higher you reach, the harder it hits you, but with the type of hardness, thick skin, experience picking yourself up and dusting yourself off, and with sheer will to keep going, you can weather it all.

Good luck to you man. We might not be friends, but I support you, I respect you, I admire your character and I’m rooting for you to succeed, even more, to get bigger and better.

Good for you man… the song is amazing.


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