Quit Your Customer Support Jobs in 2022


No one looks like that in real life.

These are marketing pictures featuring actors!

Such photographs of smiling employees are what you can see on a merry-go-lucky company page when they’re advertising open vacancies.

People who actually have a job as a person to sit with a headset to speak with people over the phone to log complaints, file service requests, provide information or technical support are amongst the most miserable people in the workforce.

These are last ditch-jobs for people who missed the employment train everywhere else and are looking for something that will provide rent and food money for a short period of time until they can ‘get back on their feet.’

Unfortunately, more often than not, that ‘getting back on your feet’ part never happens and for several bad reasons.

Reason #1: The Time Blackhole.

Very long working hours with minimum breaks that are usually not nearly enough to give your mind and psyche any rest and recuperation from the psychological and mental damage that happens due to such a senses-engrossing high-intensity effort. That leaves the rest of the day only for sleep and rest from a herculean effort battling hydras all effin day long which throws people into the lavish arms of escapism through binge-watching Netflix, taking a dive into their Playstations, going on a nightlife spree of drink and debauchery, or wallow in self-pity in a dark room while scrolling endlessly on Instagram checking out the lives of the people you want to imitate.

Reason #2: Hopelessness.

Due to reason #1, basically, people find themselves stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle of work-sleep-escape with no excess money—if not deep in debt—to have something meaningful done in life, no spare time to learn new skills or look for other opportunities.

People get a job as a customer support rep and they blink and it’s 5 or 7 years later, and the world has moved on and they have not.

Reason #3: Professional Stagnation.

Due to the previous two reasons, any college degrees, certifications, technical skills, or courses people had acquired prior to or during their customer support stint, basically become worthless because they haven’t used them to acquire jobs in their careers and hence are barred from leveraging any work experience in any other career paths.

The Oath.

Plan your escape. You need to break this vicious cycle and aim to regain back your freedom and your autonomy.

You need to make the decision to get out and commit to it with a vengeance. Your freedom doesn’t happen the day you acquire it, it happens the day you make the decision. And it happens again the next day when you make the same decision, and again the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next. Soon, you find yourself on a mission riding a newly formed habit that you feed every day with your willful commitment to make the same choice again.

You make a promise to yourself, you take an oath never to stop until you figure it out and find your way out.

You need to ‘Shawshank’s Redemption’ the shit out of this thing.

Why Get Out.

First, and foremost, it’s because you are miserable. You can’t find purpose and meaning in a job where you have to do mind-numbing tasks interacting with below-average intelligence.

Second, your job is sooner or later going to be automated by AI Deep-Fake software that mimics human intelligence and that can have zero emotional attachment to the daily situation you have to battle through and that can be on 24/7 tirelessly without the huge overhead cost of acquiring your services and providing you with a salary and benefits. The rug could be pulled out from underneath you at any time!

Third, you are a few decisions away from finding your way into a fulfilling life that provides you with the meaning and wealth you’ve always longed for, only if you decide to walk down that road and choose yourself. You can find your way into creating lucrative online content that will bring you the eyes and attention of thousands or even millions of people and set you on the proper path towards wealth and fame. You can get started with a side-hustle that will snowball into a huge business success. You could start working on sharing your independent movie, your music, photography or art with the masses which could open up doors for you that you never knew existed. You could learn how to trade or invest in stocks and crypto to find your way towards financial freedom and highly lucrative streams of income.

Your options are unlimited. You just need to stop thinking that they are!

The Path.

We are on the doorsteps of a new year.  So let the coming year 2022 be the year where you make that choice to break free from the shackles of corporate slavery and the shackles of a futile meaningless existence.

Start by strategically making use of your off-work non-rest related time to blaze a path for yourself. You don’t have to know exactly where you’re going, and that is absolutely fine, but you need to experiment with what could be considered a viable solution.

Some people have already created a parallel set of skills for which there could be a way to monetize and take profit from their expertise. Some people just need to explore every possible path until they find something that clicks.

The thing is that the internet has provided us all with an unlimited number of ways to plan our escape plans. No one can tell you what is the best thing that could work for you because it all depends on your own situation. What you can actually do it to try to explore all possibilities and tap all your skills and passions until something feels like the natural way to go for you. do some it could take a few weeks, for others a few months or years. It all depends on your level of commitment and whether you’re aware that you must get out or not.

I hope you can get out as soon as possible.



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