Naïveté & The Promotion Of The Gullible Mind

We don’t really see the world as it is, we rather see it as we are.

Much of the beginnings of how we became a  species of conscious mammals enjoying life—or enduring it—is a mystery beyond our understanding.

Physicists try their best to deduce the beginnings of the universe from what little knowledge exists about matter and the physical laws of nature, but beyond a certain point in the past, it’s all guesswork.

We do not have yet a way to know exactly how the universe started, what started it, or why. Not a scientific one anyway.

What we know for sure is that we are made of energy and that our physical bodily form is just a purposeful rearrangement of atoms and molecules to form an extremely complex system.

We are made of stars.

We see some clues in the evidence collected by evolutionary biologists.

Single-cell organisms manifested the first symptoms of life as they started processing matter into energy, consumed that energy, transformed it into motion, and then discarded waste. In effect, that was the first engine developed.

The instigator remains unclear. What you may call it depends heavily on what you were taught to believe as a child, or, hopefully, what you managed to work out on your own later in life. Some call it nature, the universe, a supreme consciousness, or—dare I say, God.

You choose what you want to believe, but throughout history, people have tried to label it in a multitude of ways, most notoriously through organized religion.

In any case, the problem as it stands is that we crave certainty, in whatever way we can fabricate it, and we passionately try our damnest to distance ourselves from uncertainty.

We defend our illusions—if they provide us with certainty—sometimes to death.

Saladin and Guy of Lusignan after the Battle of Hattin of 1187

Back to our brief biology class, the second clue in the mystery of life was clear through the observation of the development of complex multicellular organisms; the second layer of complexity to the manifestation of life. It resembles a small village of single-cell organisms, each doing a specific job, behind a fortified wall. Subsequently, those cellular collaborative communities got active and started to reproduce, discover the world, and adapt to its various environments.

Millions of years later, things got extremely complicated very very fast and those cute little multicellular organisms evolved into mere citizens in a new behemoth: the human body.

A cell under a microscope.

The human body with all the overlapping complexities within is much like a nation-state where the brain acts as upper management supervising the day-to-day operations while consciousness plays the part of the sovereign king who sets the rules, oversees everything, and ultimately makes all the decisions that matter.

That first conscious human being saw the environment based on the built-in sensors inherited from multicellular organisms and the cascade of the building blocks of life on planet earth.

The entire universe is teaming with energy oscillating in endless rhythms. We now know the basics of how the solar system works with the earth and the moon and the planets revolve around the sun and how that affects the sequences of night and day, the seasons of the year, the tides in the sea, and the positions of the constellations of stars in the night sky.

This created a necessity for the types of lifeforms that were meant to inhabit earth to develop the ability for pattern recognition.


We had to detect the movement of prey and other predators by listening to their steps,  or by noticing the waves of pressure that vibrate through the air to make sound. So, we developed ears with an outer collection dish—the ear— that senses the changes in air pressure and an inner echo chamber also connected to our brain’s hearing processing unit. Our ears are only tuned to listen to a specific range of audible sound waves.

We had to discern between light and darkness so we developed eyes. A complex system of lenses, muscles, and nerves directly connected to a massive visual processing unit in the brain gives us the ability to navigate the environment. Our eyes can only detect certain wavelengths of light, what we now call visible light. We are completely blind to infrared light and ultraviolet wavelengths, for example.

We all know that there is an infinite range of “light” and we only see a certain range of it. Other creatures on Earth have developed sharper eyes that can detect waves of light that we can’t.

A cute Owl photo.

The point here is that we see the world as we are, not as it is.

Our senses of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste are just there to provide the most efficient means for us to interact with the environment. It’s what worked for us for thousands of years. It’s the model that was able to survive the cruelties of life on earth so far, in part for its good efficient design and another part out of sheer dumb luck.

Our senses allow us to perceive nature and reality through a specific set of limited filters that we developed out of necessity based on the environment in which we found ourselves.

Consequently, think of your brain, in general, as a filter that lets in only some information that can be useful for you to know and it blocks everything else.

We are adapted to our world and had we, as human beings, been alive on a different planet we would have been adapted to its environment and developed perhaps a completely different set of senses.

And this is the exact same thing that we still have to deal with to this day. We only get use the information that makes it past our senses—our filters to reality. The problem is our reality is now artificial and completely manufactured and any and all information we use to navigate the world and make our decisions is mostly designed to direct our focus in a specific direction.

The thoughts in our heads are ours no more.

Photo of a tribesman.

The human creature chose to organize on the forms of communities, tribes, and nations made up of dozens, then hundreds and thousands, and now millions of other individuals.

It was kind of inevitable if you think about it since the whole thing was built on the building block of a few single-celled creatures that got together to form a tribe of multicellular organisms. We’re just doing the same thing on a grander scale.

That was possible through the development of several social technologies like the ability to trade, barter, and establish trust between strangers. This allowed humanity to hunt in packs, till lands for crops on a big scale, and go to war to defend its territories against predators and enemy tribes.

This is what led the path for humanity conquering all other lifeforms on the planet, becoming the Apex predator species, and wielding the unfathomable powers of nature itself.

A rendering of the Tsar Hydrogen Nuclear bomb, a terrifying weapon of mass destruction tested by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

And therein lies the seedlings of tragedy.

We all have Egos.

Perhaps, on some level ego is well aware of the inherent power and potential of the human being. It speaks to us and tells us how special and powerful we really are, and it makes it very clear that we deserve only the very best in life.

Ego gives us a sense of entitlement. It is supposed to be a bad character trait to have, and we’ve been strongly advised to steer clear of it as much as possible. Mainly because it is a very bad strategy to apply to a whole world with millions of people who tend to think they’re entitled, too.

But I believe we ought to think about it from a different perspective.

Our human subconscious is well aware of the vast empire of cells it commands, organized into systems, organs, limbs, senses, flesh, blood, and bones, and how we each are supreme monarchs reigning over the human body as our everlasting dominion.

It’s a blasphemous affront to rob such a mighty entity of its agency and restrict its existence within a specific role in the hierarchy of society.

It’s a humiliating demotion and those who are consciously aware of it are doomed to a sad existence of depression and desperation.

The individual whose ancestors were at some point in distant history free to roam the earth unquestioned is now reduced to the role of a single-celled organism.

And as such, the modern-day person must comply with such a role and is supposed to find a job in some sort of organization, corporation, or government, actively mimicking the role of a mere multicellular organism completely devoid of agency.

As a result, it’s no wonder really why a person’s instincts demand and fuel the drive to climb up the corporate ladder, seek higher social status, money, more recognition, and acquire more wealth and power.

The reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States 🇺🇸 on the mighty US$, inscription reads: “Annuit Coeptis – He Favors Our Undertaking” followed by “The All Seeing Eye of God” on top of an unfinished pyramid and a ribbon at the bottom that says “Novos Ordo Seclorun – A New Order for The Ages.”

We see ourselves as completely developed sovereign conscious creatures. We intuitively know that we were created—or have evolved—to be independent. We know that when left in an environment that forces self-reliance upon us, we are enough to manage the environment, start a fire, build shelter, find water, hunt, and grow food.

Our creativity, resourcefulness, and problem-solving, in a sense, give us omnipotence. We are a God in and of itself who reigns supreme. A Diety that unequivocally refuses to succumb to the fact that other creatures of obviously equal standing—other people—hold more power and have control over one’s destiny.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus

These psychological struggles within one’s mind, with nature’s forces, and with other people, were magnificently portrayed by human ingenuity in Greek mythology. Mankind has consistently employed storytelling to pass down the wisdom of the ancestors to the following generations through time.

Wisdom is indeed timeless. We simply forget and rediscover the same thing a great great ancestor has figured out in a starry summer night, laying on a field in the wilderness somewhere, thinking about the universe and his place in the galaxy.

There are no new ideas really, I believe that we are simply rehashing the very same old principles, maxims, life lessons, and laws of nature, passing them along in different words and in different languages.

Picture of a boy looking at the stars.

The reason behind that is extremely simple. Human behavior has never changed. We are, now and for the past thousands of years of known human history, still, the same thinking laughing social animals who are governed by their emotions.

We make the same errors of judgment. We make the same mistakes. We are through and through running on the same hardware of flesh and blood.

Unfortunately, this is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness all in one.

The text on Neo’s monitor right before he followed the white rabbit and met with Trinity.

People created the technology of “writing,” and immediately, everything changed. People started to document their thoughts and experiences in the written word, and it gave human wisdom the power to time travel.

The knowledge accumulated across the ages and has given us today a powerful double-edged sword. Those who want to know the road to freedom and personal sovereignty can read about the many ways people have done so throughout human history and the modern means to achieve it today.

But there’s a flip side to that coin and that is those who want to leverage the power of other men to their advantage can just as easily read about the multitude of ways available to govern, control, indoctrinate, brainwash, and lead unsuspecting men and women to do their bidding.

This brings us back to the anthropomorphism of society as the body of a new creature, and the inherent reduction of the regular person into the role of a single cell in that body that needs to serve a function to benefit the behemoth.

The superstructure of a country needs to have full control of its body, its organs, its underlying systems, and its cells; vis-à-vis you!

This created a vital necessity for the powers that govern society to deploy every means possible to keep the masses in check.

Again, we see the world through the lens of the information that gets filtered down to us from the environment, the culture, schools, religious institutions, workplaces, media, and the internet. There is a complete network of interdependent government bodies, political parties, lobbyists, power brokers, businesses, religious institutions, educational institutions, universities, social clubs, sports clubs, influential social organizations, key celebrity figures, film and music industries, entertainment news, newspapers and media organizations, video games industry, and on and on and on. These are the tools that shape the consciousness of a society.

Steering the minds and intellects of a nation is much like steering a fully-loaded oil tanker on the high seas in turbulent weather. It is an accumulative effort that takes a long time over generations.

It is much easier to figure out the main catalysts of change in an oppressive top-down totalitarian society than it is in a democracy. It does, however, start somewhere within the network of control and power structure. Let’s say when a political party adopts a certain policy regarding healthcare, or when a celebrity promotes the rights of a minority just as mere examples.

Following such initiatives, you find that those who stand to gain serious power, influence, wealth, or status leap onto the opportunity and pile atop the bandwagon, the whole movement gains momentum and the entire compass of culture is eventually steered towards a specific center of gravity on the political scene.

An Oil tanker changing course.

And not unlike our early-life ancestral creatures on earth who orchestrated their evolution in the world based on what they can sense, see, feel and taste in their immediate environment, a government will shape the environment you see, hear, and read by controlling the narrative you consume.

What you consume defines you. The environment and information that you absorb and soak in, eventually consume you, if you willingly surrender your mind to it.

Your attention gets hijacked and your emotions get weaponized with fear and anger. The truth is that the governing body of a massive system of government that reigns over millions of people cannot afford free-thinking individuals going rogue.

The education you received growing up, for instance, was the direct result of the influences that dominated society back then. You will undoubtedly notice how things have drastically changed as the powers that be updated their lists of priorities.

Photo of a nice lady reading the paper while enjoying a cup of coffee laden with milk & sugar and some pastry on the side.

You are being sold how to think about the world constantly. Your ideas and your principles are shaped by the swaths of salespeople in sheep clothing who sell you the news, opinions, religions, addictions, ideologies, patriotism, nationalism, tribalism, and political affiliations. Not to mention loads of fast food, sugar, tea, coffee, movies, songs, shoes, electronics, and clothes you’re constantly convinced to buy.

Social media has billions of people now trapped in a dream world, not unlike the movie “The Matrix” in its fakeness and artificial delusional thinking.

I’m inclined to think that it all sort of happens organically. I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories about cults, world secrets governments, masonic chapters, and the Illuminati, because it somehow implies that people, in general, are good-natured and innocent while an evil James Bond sort of elite society is to blame for all the evils of the world. Maybe, but I don’t think so.

I think it’s a rather simplistic way to view the world and it doesn’t take into account the capricious multifacetedness of human nature.  There are no angels or demons, we’re all a little bit of both, all at once, and within the same mold.

With that said, in every domain, you will always find some people in charge of policymaking. When you go high enough through the layers of delegation you’ll find that each ship has a command deck and a captain.

People are nothing if not congruent with human nature. We will each do whatever we can to advance our cause in life, rise above the crowd, leverage anything we can to reach the top, and be the best version of ourselves.

It is war, my friends. We’re each fighting our very own personal war every single day in our lives and this is why we tend to make the choices we do.

It also means that those who want to attain more power in life, and know exactly how to do it, will always use persuasion, indoctrination, brainwashing, the exploitation of anger and fear, promoting addictive behavior, and shaping the worldview of masses of people.

The kicker in your hand of cards is that you don’t have to play the role of a victim in the grand scheme of life.

I’m here to tell you that those of us who can see the path and want to write their own ticket in life can consciously pursue knowledge to be effective warriors in the arena of life.

It’s not even up for debate whether you want to or not, as I’ve already explained how we’re ingrained with a vested interest in fighting for the right to rise in life.

Having skin in the game is mandatory and inescapable.

Alas, some willingly choose to not see, not to try, and not to fight. They discount their power and self-censor their own opinions, ideas, and desires. Those are the easiest to lead, control, and deceive.

It kind of makes it a no-brainer why the powers that be think controlling the masses requires uneducated unsuspecting unsophisticated people who are busy fighting over their livelihoods or inconsequential political wars over one bullshit issue after the other with interludes of scandals, all while hooked up on porn and substance addictions. It makes it easier for them to control you.

It also makes sense why promoting such behavior serves their interests.

Photo Credit

There are amongst us those who cannot see beyond the filter, those who cannot see beyond the narrative, and those who were indoctrinated into an ideology or a belief system and know nothing beyond or above the rules they were taught to follow.

It is indeed an act of rebellion to be a free-thinking, unlabeled, unaffiliated individual who questions authority and the established rules through a set of self-developed filters of reason and critical thinking.

Individuals who choose to expand their worldview, and have a hunger for learning, are making the choice to be free.

If you are starting on the path towards a better understanding of how the world works and what is the reality that you see, you must be wary of how you want to navigate your own world carrying such knowledge.

You need to start by questioning everything that you thought was a hard fact and decide for yourself whether it is just an assumption or an opinion force-fed to you as fact. Or perhaps you were intentionally misled into beliefs that were useful to serve the interests of those of power and authority over you.

This is why you must shed away any reverence for those false idols of authority that were chiseled into your core beliefs. You need to question authority and its motives and whether those motives are aligned with your own or not. You also need to tread with care and wisdom and learn when and where you need to break free from such restrictions on your thoughts.

It might be courageous but not always smart to be forthcoming about what you think in the face of massive stupidity.

Awareness is an extremely dangerous affair, my friend.

Life is a game of balance. You must start by learning the limits of your powers and the direction in which you want to develop and expand such powers. Then you will be led to choose the direction in which you will walk the path towards more power and more sovereignty.

What we all seek ultimately is our Godliness, our agency, and our sovereignty, to answer to nothing and no one but our drive towards the greater meaning of life, fulfilling the call of our consciousness to seek the purpose of the entire universe.


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