Your Life’s Task

What is your life’s task?

It’s such a confounding question, to say the least, isn’t it? How do you even begin to know or decide such a thing? We’ve all been on both sides of the common question: what do you feel you want to become when you grow up? The answers are generally cute and tend to change every time you ask or get asked the question.

Funny enough, I can’t recall any answer except the one where I wanted to be a helicopter pilot. I remember being fascinated by helicopters and how they move through the air and how much skill is actually involved in being able to pilot one safely. Also, they’re cool as hell. Alas, I developed poor eyesight and started wearing glasses early in my childhood and that dream crashed and burned prematurely.

It goes beyond that, no doubt. It’s not just a thing you feel like doing in the distant future, but it’s rather a seed within you that keeps on growing with your attention and time spent nurturing it. It’s that thing that you’re sacrificing other things to do. It’s that place where you feel yourself get completely lost and consumed by it. It just has a certain palpable energy to it. It’s that thing that brings you a high of satisfaction and achievement beyond all else. That thing that where you get a choice you’ll always do it first and put anything else in second place.

It’s supposed to be that very thing that’s engraved into your DNA that makes you unique. Your aim in your chosen field of work should be towards exercising and flexing that unique ability, that one thing that can only be done by you and in the specific manner that you do it.

Your life s task will seem to you like play while to everyone else it’s a lot of work. If you’re going to be really good at it, you must give it plenty of your time and attention to master it properly. Even if your life’s path drifted you away from it, you ought to get back to it and start cranking that engine once more. You owe it to yourself because otherwise you’ll never find peace and fulfillment.

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