Immersion Is The Way

I never really had to think about it. It sort of always happened naturally with me. If I get my interest piqued by something, I dive head first down the deep end and try to reach the bottom of the pool.

Immersion is the only technique that will help reach mastery in any field or discipline. If you really want to understand something then you should pack for a lengthy trip down the rabbit hole. You’ll need to go through whatever information is available on as many platforms and from as many sources as necessary. You’ll have to read the books and articles, listen to the podcasts and interviews, and follow all the relevant people across everything.

If there are two sides to the argument, you’ll have to bite the bullet And read both sides and make up your own damn mind.

This is how great research gets conducted. This is how deep understanding gets realized.

This is how you achieve mastery.

It’s kind of intuitive if you come to think of it. What is the very best way to learn a foreign language? Move to that country and live there. And right on par with that is to marry a woman who speaks that language.

So, here you are fresh out of that soul-searching journey where you were looking for your life’s vocation—your “raison d’être.” Once you get that most difficult part sorted out, it’s time for you to find where are the doors to that world, bust them open, and go take a plunge down the deep end.

It’s not up to you when you’ll be able to come out of the immersion pool, but a wiser man will definitely be coming out in your stead.

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