Your Source Of Power

Somewhere deep down there’s a part of you that you’ll never expose about yourself.

A secret habit or a private obsession, perhaps, that you’re always worried it could be perceived as a weakness. The fear of shame or ridicule haunts you because your thing doesn’t exactly conform with the surrounding sentiment.

As you go through life and have your own experiences with people. You face pain, loss, success, accomplishment, failure, courage, doubt, and everything in between.

All of this helps shape your character and at some point you’ll find yourself at a moment of truth. You either bend your will to accommodate the world and everyone else in it who wants you to deprioritize anything you care about, or you lean further into your true self, and embrace that thing that makes you unique and special on the inside.

I’m voting for the latter. If you live your truth and step right into it, showing your true self, you will most definitely find your reservoir of power.

If you’re having a really hard time making a decision, it means you still haven’t been in touch with your source of inner power.

Keep looking and stretch your mind in every direction, make every conversation, read every book, take every chance, and say yes to ideas and experiments running through your head. You’ll soon find that you’re either winning or learning. And the sooner and more often you do this, the quicker you’ll get to that abundant source of power.

Win fast, fail faster, get back up, repeat. All it takes is just one foot in front of the other.

Once you reach that place of calm self-assurance deep down inside, you’ll feel a surge of self-reliance taking over you. You won’t need to ask for permission or get assurances from the world before you make a choice. Your steps will be firm and stable. You might fall hard, I’m not saying you won’t. You might even break a few bones and take time to get back up, but it won’t affect the fire burning within you. You most certainly will be able to get back up.

It’s that fire that allows people to accomplish unfathomable feats of bravery that defy all logic like triumphing over a terminal disease or breaking an unbreakable world record.

There’s a spark deep down there that you need to find, and until you do, you’ll just follow the crowds into oblivion.

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