It Clicks

What makes you feel alive?

What is this thing that gives you pleasure, feeds your curiosity, entertains you, and into which you can lose yourself endlessly?

If you can answer this question off the top of your head consider yourself lucky. The world is full of zombies who slip through life never to have really tasted it.

I don’t mean your mindless addictions where you lose yourself in a passive trance binge-watching “Better Call Saul” or some other popular show. I’m sort of on the fence when it comes to something like video games, to be quite honest. I consider it to be a form of addiction, but it’s engaging, it encourages building friendships and a like-minded community, and it stimulates the imagination. But in the end, it’s just a pass time activity. It doesn’t give meaning and purpose to anyone’s life.

Meaning. That’s the secret ingredient. It’s what gives color to the world, what makes you stop and notice the birds and the roses, what makes you laugh heartily, what makes you empathetic to the suffering of your fellow man, and what gives you peace of mind. You can go through thick and thin, the ups and downs, pain, death, and the entire catalog of human afflictions. But you’ll go through it with a clear focused mind, mindful soul, equanimity, poise, understanding, and acceptance.

It’s quite alright if you’re still experimenting with life while on the path to finding your thing. It’s not easy. But when you get there, you’ll start to feel the difference in your perspective on life, and nothing will ever be the same.

Go live your truth.

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