The Ant On A Horse

There’s no such thing as smooth sailing in life.

From an early age, we get snapped out of our protective shell of childhood and we start to face the real world.

Soon enough we’re faced with our physical, mental, and emotional limitations. Then we’re in full view of the obstacles the world puts on who we can aspire to be, where we can go, and what we can achieve. We get to be face-to-face with the word ‘No.’

Some of us internalize that continuous stream of rejection and accept the false notion that we’re deficient. And, it becomes our conviction about who we are as we go through life without hope, without goals, or dreams just coasting in the darkness of a turbulent angry violent sea. At every junction, we choose the safe choice and we relinquish our courage without prejudice.

After a lifetime of this, the prophecy is complete and we reach a destination way farther than where we were supposed to go. We’ve betrayed our potential and we taste the sting of letting ourselves down.

Then, snap!

You wake up one day, hopefully sooner than later, and you see that all you need is courage and initiative. You suddenly realize that the angry sea doesn’t look angry at all since now you have the wisdom to look at its face. It was the compassionate hand of God trying to snap you out of your stupor with one slap after the other and that roaring storm was just the universe shouting to you: WAKE UP!

Welcome back!

And now that your eyes are open, you can just see the truth. Really embrace the fact that we truly and profoundly can manifest the world we see in our minds out into the physical world.

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. This is not cheesy self-help nonsense, it is a profound universal truth.

The world around us is indeed happening for us not to us, but only if we take our seat of power. Those who choose to play the role of a victim forever are doomed to a lifetime of more of the same. Those who choose courage and deliberate action will find freedom and abundance beyond their wildest dreams.

Riding a horse requires a sense of control, calm, and confidence. The horse is an extremely intelligent and sensitive creature and it can sense the trepidation of its rider. If the horse feels that you’re not in command it will completely disregard your wishes and ignore your commands. If you want it to go slow, it’ll go fast. If you want it to go right, it’ll go left. It’ll buck and jump and do as it pleases, and all that you can do is scream, hold on tight in fear, or get thrown off in a painful, and extremely dangerous fall.

It’s the same with life. Aimlessness breeds a bumpy ride, a persistent sense of lack of control, debilitating fear, and a series of painful falls.

All you had to do was hold the reins with a steady hand and tighten your knees around the sides properly and kick it gently in the belly. The universe is patiently waiting for you to learn to ride and be an honest cowboy. If it takes a few bumps and bruises and a few broken bones to teach you to take your life seriously, then so be it.

You hold that power within you and you tap into it any damn time you want. You can hold on to the reins and ride ahead.

Obstacles will meet you along the path. Sometimes you can see the way out of the problem and sometimes it can be very tricky or time-consuming. But with experience, you’ll know how to tackle each obstacle and get over it or around it.

An ant colony will always find a way to the other side of an obstacle. They can go around, above, or tunnel underneath an obstacle. No matter what stands in the way, there’s always a way out.

“The obstacle is the way, what stands in the way becomes the way.” This is a quote by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and a firm universal truth.

You’ll become as strong as your courage will allow you to be.

You’ll become as resourceful as much as your persistence will afford you.

See you on the other side.

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