Creativity Merry-Go-Round

Creativity could very well be the highest-paying skill in the world. It’s narrowly defined when it’s limited to those who associate with entertainment industries like actors, singers, writers, etc. In reality, the umbrella of creativity is widely spread above most disciplines and professions.

There’s an element of creativity in everything that you do. As a matter of fact, creativity is the default setting for human beings and what sets us apart from the rest of the species on earth.

One of the most prevailing limiting beliefs you might have about yourself is that you’re not the “creative type.” You couldn’t be more wrong. The way you make your coffee, ply your laundry, wash your car, or fix your pipes at home, all include an element of creativity.

Creativity is also an integral component of mastery.

Mastering any discipline or skill automatically means you’ve dyed the practice with your very own character, emotional tendencies, attitudes, idiosyncrasies, and preferences. Doing anything in a new way means you’ve been creatively adjusting the work to suit yourself.

You don’t have to be Drake, Oprah, Michael Jordan, or Kevin Costner to be called a creative master. You can have a claim to creativity and mastery in absolutely anything in the world. Things start to change in your life once you start doing it at a world-class level.

Getting to that level, however, will take plenty of disciplined effort, and time and you must invest in them both—and generously—if you’re going to go places.

To infuse any type of work with your original creative style you must be ready. Lots of failures are waiting for you down the road. You will have to be patient with yourself, stumble, fall, get back up, and enrich your soul with the experiments that will eventually fuel your creativity.

Creativity is the only thing that makes you absolutely irreplaceable. It’s not always a smooth ride, but once you’re on it you’re going to have plenty of fun.

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