The Switch

You’re doing it all wrong.

You’re a person, not a robot, or a trained puppy. You’re not supposed to spend hours upon hours scrolling on a glass surface chasing social approval dopamine hits and unlimited entertainment.

I love to break it to you, but the only way you can create a life of freedom and meaning is to make the switch from an indiscriminate consumer to a creator. It’s the difference between leading a passive life always on the receiving end of fate and being active in your contributions to the world. Taking charge of your life comes at a price.

It’s not a life worth living if all you do is find a job that pays a monthly salary and only do it to be able to rest before you have to do it again. Just a small gear stuck in a big machine going in endless circles.

Start by creating something. You can’t expect to be world-class at anything doing it for the very first time. It’ll take lots of experiments, plenty of practice, several iterations, and complete course corrections. Oh, and patience. Because anything worth doing is worth doing well, and doing anything well takes a long time.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you can create and share with the world. You start by going inward, exploring your passions, interests, the things you do well, and the things you enjoy the most.

Don’t overthink it. The only sign you’re on the right path is that you feel engaged and alive. It’s that easy.

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