Book Review: Warren & Charlie’s Bedtime Story

Magnificent book about the core principles behind investing by none other than the incredible Adam Robinson.

It goes beyond investing money and into the pure essence of how to pursue great investments in all valuable resources, especially the most valuable of all: Time.

Fashioned after the 80s classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” we have an incredible story about a MENSA-level genius 12-year-old boy. Throughout the story Adam takes us through a wonderful journey to reverse engineer the pillars of value investing  the way it’s been done by Warren Buffett and his friend and partner Charlie Munger.

In many interviews, Adam Robinson keeps saying that he believes that Warren and Charlie are philosophers who happened to be investors, and I completely agree.

It takes one to know one, Adam!

Adam is an incredibly deep thinker who has a knack for simplifying extremely complex ideas.

This book is an extraordinary journey of simplicity on the far side of complexity and you’ll be hard pressed to reflect on many of the foundational principles it covers.

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