Follow Your Curiosity

As soon as you find yourself completely hooked on something that you just can’t get enough of go all the way. This is the key to actually figuring out your path in life.

To many of us who were consistently just told what to do, where to go, what to study, what profession to pursue, and what are the “safe” choices in life, we are habituated to neglecting or abandoning our natural inclinations and magnetic pull that just will not stop driving us towards one thing or the other.

Curiosity is the one thing that makes a child interesting—and eventually interested in doing “fun” things. It all comes from within. If you need to be told what you need to do, you will find ways to not do it well, fake it, or not do it at all. It then feels like “Work!”

If you really want to excel at doing something really really well, you will have to do the things that other people consider to be “work” but to you, it just isn’t anything but fun and excitement. This literally expedites your learning process and allows you to achieve mastery in your field of interest faster than anyone else. The sooner you accumulate knowledge, experience, and expertise in anything the faster you will start feeling this knowledge compounding in your mind, and the effects of compounding knowledge on your life will be nothing but astounding to yourself before anyone else.

Is it possible to just “do the work” even if you do not care much for it? Yes. Will you be able to excel and reach a level of competence and mastery that makes you rub shoulders with the best in the world in your discipline? Absolutely, but at what cost?

This is how people reach “burnout.” This is how people calculate the time left for them to retire and just get off the rat race. Because they see their professions, careers, and work-life as an obligation devoid of joy and fulfillment. It is that dreaded word work which is something you need to man up and do to be able to support your life, and the lives of your family and loved ones. A person who follows this path will eventually, and undoubtedly, hit a roadblock that limits their progress no matter how dedicated and devoted they are to the process of attaining knowledge, practicing, and mastering their field. There is always and ever a mote between them and the “true artists” of the field, those who are doing this sort of work as their life passion with genuine interest, and love. curiosity, and untold amounts of fun. They see challenges and roadblocks as fun puzzles to be discovered and figured it, not as chores they must toil at with blood and sweat.

Never underestimate the power of true self-motivation for it is the only thing that will give you superhuman powers in achieving your aspirations. A person who follows their natural curiosities into a line of work will be able to deliver abundant value to all those seeking it. And those are the ones who actually attain fame and a stellar reputation as the go-to people in their field.

When you’re looking for a surgeon, for example, you want to find that surgeon to whom people attribute torrents of awe and adulation for their almost miraculous achievements. When you’re looking for a movie director you are pursuing those who have unbound creativity and who can deliver their trademark vision with an almost unbelievably unique never-been-done-before perspective.

People go to the pioneers of their fields who do not just stick with the current known knowledge and stick to it to the letter, but who are completely fascinated and engulfed in their studies and research into the field they always break new frontiers and uncover a never known before results, achievements, or inventions.

You do not want to be mediocre in anything that defines you in life. You want to find your niche. The one that makes you great and unique. You were born great and you deserve to be recognized for your greatness. And the only road to getting there is through following your curiosities.

The thing you need to know is that is it not just one thing. But most probably it will be a number of related and unrelated interests that you will be able to combine in your own way to sculpt a perspective that is only yours.

You’ve heard it being said before that no one can compete with you on being you. And this is pure truth. You need to capitalize on this asset of untold value, embrace it, and make your mark in the world with it. Consider your uniqueness as your superpower and your Thor’s Hammer and that it is the thing that will give your life true meaning and purpose.

Good luck.

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