Adrift From The Path

Conformity is a natural instinct for mankind. We are born into a family, community, and culture, and we naturally feel an affinity for those who are like us, who look like us, and who understand us. As time goes by and we have to walk our own path, we tend to huddle with those who […]


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Horrible Advice

Screw that! Accept where I am in life according to whom? No one is allowed to tell me about my “position in life” because it’s nobody’s business. And where I am right now has nothing to do with where I want to be. And if I want to be somewhere else, you shouldn’t try to […]

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Alexander The Great by Norman F. Cantor

Alexander The Great indeed was deserving of his name. A King of Kings, a Conquerors’ Conqueror, and a mere mortal who through acts of courage, agency, intelligence, vision, relentless persistence, and sheer force of will aspired, touched upon, and quite frankly deserved a stature of deification. It’s quite absurd how some modern onlookers of history […]

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Follow Your Curiosity

As soon as you find yourself completely hooked on something that you just can’t get enough of go all the way. This is the key to actually figuring out your path in life. To many of us who were consistently just told what to do, where to go, what to study, what profession to pursue, […]

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Seeking Adversity

Coach Jerzy Gregorek has a famous saying: “Easy choices hard life. Hard choices easy life.“ The fastest way to lose in life is to choose the easy way in every choice you have to make. The easy way is always downhill, it works with gravity, and it draws anything flowing with no agency of its […]

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One Mountain To Climb

Let’s call it Mount Mastery. That’s where you need to go to reach the summit of all experience and expertise in your field of choice. That’s where you need to make your mark. If you’re not well on your way to climb that mountain, you’re definitely lost. I wish someone had told me that 30 […]

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The Switch

You’re doing it all wrong. You’re a person, not a robot, or a trained puppy. You’re not supposed to spend hours upon hours scrolling on a glass surface chasing social approval dopamine hits and unlimited entertainment. I love to break it to you, but the only way you can create a life of freedom and […]

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It’s Not Working

I was listening to the “Infinite Loops” podcast by one of my favorite people on Twitter ever, Jim O’Shaughnessy, on the episode he had with David Perell. Jim was just telling us about how he had a bad experience with a school teacher who got angry at him for reading an entire book without being […]

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