Immersion Is The Way

I never really had to think about it. It sort of always happened naturally with me. If I get my interest piqued by something, I dive head first down the deep end and try to reach the bottom of the pool. Immersion is the only technique that will help reach mastery in any field or […]

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The Needle In A Haystack

I can’t really be sure what it means. When people tell me that a person’s life’s task or their calling is somewhat related to what they used to like and the activities they used to enjoy in their childhood, I don’t really get it. It feels like a treasure hunt down memory lane. I’m supposed […]

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The Best Place To Start

The beginning. It’s the origin of everything. The place from whence you can trace back all the following steps that culminate in the life that you have created for yourself. If you’re searching for your life’s task, this is where you should begin your search. I can remember clearly the very first time I read […]

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The Million Dollar Question

What is your calling in life? Where do you find it? How many experiments can you run with your life before you stumble upon that spark that lights your fires? Can it be something you’re really born with, a latent talent, a certain aptitude, or perhaps something pre-coded in your DNA? Is it something that […]

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Your Life’s Task

What is your life’s task? It’s such a confounding question, to say the least, isn’t it? How do you even begin to know or decide such a thing? We’ve all been on both sides of the common question: what do you feel you want to become when you grow up? The answers are generally cute […]

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Lost at sea

Lost at sea Even through the dense fogEven though I don’t knowIf this journey is to go onOr I will meet my demiseEven though there is nothingTo say you are to riseNothing to peer through fogTo foretell or surmiseThat victory is upon us Our ships will reach the shoreOur enemies have hurt usBut held us […]

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