Why No One Is Giving Advice To People Over Their Twenties

Everywhere you go, in every book, podcast, and Instagram Reel, all these great minds keep doling out advice aimed at the Gen-Z’s, the Gen-Y’s, the Millennials, and whatever else is out there. Somehow they forego that people can stay lost and stumbling through life past their thirties. That they also need support on every level […]

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À La Carte Mentors

These are the times of abundant knowledge. It used to be rather difficult for a person to seek guidance, or an apprenticeship under a scholar or a master. It was, and still is, a privilege to have someone provide you with a one-on-one time to pour wisdom and knowledge straight into your brain. An apprenticeship […]

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My Dad

My dad passed away four years ago. There hasn’t been a day since that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to lose my father. I remember one day in high school, ages ago, I lashed out at a kid, who must have done something to upset me, and called him a cuss word about his […]

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Optimism Requires Courage

Paying attention to political debate can be particularly fascinating when two opponents defend both sides of a single argument. Hundreds of movies and books explain to us that professional speech writers can find creative ways to sell you, the public, convincing reasons why you should support either side of the narrative. This is also one […]

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Do It Your Way

“Competition is for losers.” —Peter Thiel In his book coauthored with Blake Masters, the serial entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Peter Thiel makes the point that entrepreneurs need to create businesses where there is no competition and that they should always aim to be a monopoly. It was a brilliant performance in the movie “Margin Call,” […]

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Aimlessness As A Targeting Tool

You’re shooting yourself in the foot. You’re focusing on the issue of your desire with all of your energy and you’re still unable to get ahead. It’s time to understand what’s going on and how to deal with it. Hyper-intention is a concept mentioned in “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl. It’s when you […]

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Chameleons Rule The Universe

Change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same around you or even inside your own self. It’s a common theme in romantic comedies that the protagonist gets a lots negative reactions from their significant other because they’ve “changed.” Well, this is quite a stupid argument that you can hold against a person. People change all the […]

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Immersion Is The Way

I never really had to think about it. It sort of always happened naturally with me. If I get my interest piqued by something, I dive head first down the deep end and try to reach the bottom of the pool. Immersion is the only technique that will help reach mastery in any field or […]

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The Needle In A Haystack

I can’t really be sure what it means. When people tell me that a person’s life’s task or their calling is somewhat related to what they used to like and the activities they used to enjoy in their childhood, I don’t really get it. It feels like a treasure hunt down memory lane. I’m supposed […]

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