Zero to Hero Transformations Inspired by Tim Ferriss

This is the first episode I’ve ever listened to by Tim Ferriss and I have been following his podcast ever since.

I am not exaggerating if I say that most of the mentors who have shaped my mind in the past seven years have been introduced into my life by the Time Ferriss Show.

A Tim Ferriss Show episode is always dense. It’s crammed full of famous actors, generals, business moguls, angel investors, book authors, doctors, athletes, therapists, with plenty of talk about diet, nutrition, psychedelics, physical training, mental health, decision-making, and suggestions for great book and documentaries.

I was adding some episodes to my Spotify for later listening when I stumbled upon this old episode and I had to listen to it again. I do think of it as one of those major events that changed my life afterward.


Click here to listen to this podcast episode


The title of the episode is what caught my attention at first. It’s the kind of thing a person would reach for to find their way out of their dire circumstances.

Of course, it doesn’t escape the eye of the keen business podcast listener that the title is similar to the Peter Thiel book “Zero to One.”

During this episode, Tim answers listeners’ questions and he tackles a lot of them in an hour of audio experience that is infused by alcohol and his cheerful character.

Tim actually gave excellent answers to a number of questions but I am going to just write about the first one that I found really interesting.

So, the very first question that Tim tried to answer was about the advice he would give to someone who wants to go from Zero to Hero transformations in business and health.

Tim correctly said that the question is obviously too broad and general to answer, but he did, however, mention a few suggestions as an attempt to answer it.

Tim suggested some books as to people trying to find their way into business success, and they’re all excellent. But the person who asked that question needs to know that they will have to make it a major pillar of their life to read personal-development books, business books, and non-fiction books, in general, to be able to upgrade their thinking as they go along.

I would suggest that people simply go to Tim’s blog and see the list of books recommended by guests and pick from any of them.

To transform your life in your “work” depends on how you are able to define it properly.

Some people are torn between their “careers” and their “passions.” And some believe in a “life calling.”

There is no one thing that you are destined to do in life. There is no calling.

In the vast majority of cases, you don’t get to do that starting out. You will grow and develop your character and skills throughout your life. For each period of time, you will find yourself dedicated to a certain type of work or set of skills.

But then, life happens to all of us. We all go through chapters that define us differently as we go along. What you are doing with the stacking of your lifetime acquired skills will define you further and further as you advance in life. Your calling is different at each phase of your life.

Your interests, your curiosities, your points of strengths and competence will lead you to it. And as you gain more knowledge and skill you will fine-tune and redefine your unique specific knowledge until you reach a level that is defined only by you.


“What you seek is seeking you.”



In these days and times, we are noticing the transformation that is happening in the business world.

Life after the pandemic is extremely different and no one can ignore the shift that’s started happening towards working from home and remote work.

We also see the rise of the opportunities that the internet is creating for people to invest in their interests, their creativity, and their skills, and use them to make a living selling products and services online.

A lot of people managed to find their personal freedom from the 9-5 that way, and plenty more are on the way.

I would suggest you read “Skip The Line” by James Altucher if you really want to find a way out of the rat race. This book will point you in the right direction. (Also check out my blog post about the book here)

If you are invested in your profession and you want to rise up in your organization, you better read “The 48 Laws of Power” and every other book that was ever written by Robert Greene.



The second part of the question was about Zero to Hero transformations in health.

Tim basically said, just read the “4-hour Body” book which was actually written to answer this specific question.

But he also offered some really practical pointers:

1- Create accountability in your life with a group of friends by placing a bet with money stakes (and bragging rights).

2- Focus on diet for fat loss NOT exercise because 99% of fat loss is due to diet control and that starting exercise for fat loss is a recipe for fast failure.

3- For Exercise, the king of all exercises is the kettlebell swing. Swings should be done once or twice per week. Plus walking for one hour at least per week.

4- Meditation.


As a person who has started to focus a great deal on health since the very beginning of 2022, I do have some other very good recommendations for reading. I would start with “The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz and then go with “The Carnivore Code” by Paul Saladino, MD.



Although going Carnivore is EXTREMELY restrictive, when you finish reading these two books, there is a very good chance you’d be sold on the merits of trying it for some time to achieve your goals.

Actually, there is a more restrictive version of the Carnivore Diet that’s called the Lion Diet, but that’s even too restrictive for people on the Carnivore Diet.

For exercise, I completely agree with Tim Ferriss. All the gains I’ve had from exercise in my life can’t eclipse the benefits I’ve had from Kettlebell swings and walking. It just feels so natural and intuitive in a way.


In the end, I would like to say that anyone who wants to make significant transformations in their life should prioritize and focus on their health more than anything else.

Health will be the gateway through which you will be able to achieve all your other goals and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If you start with health, you can eat your cake, and have it too.



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