Why No One Is Giving Advice To People Over Their Twenties

Everywhere you go, in every book, podcast, and Instagram Reel, all these great minds keep doling out advice aimed at the Gen-Z’s, the Gen-Y’s, the Millennials, and whatever else is out there.

Somehow they forego that people can stay lost and stumbling through life past their thirties. That they also need support on every level imaginable. That they’re doing it all all while raising children who need guidance as well.

Is it because they want to have the most impact on those who have the highest probability to take their advice? Or maybe it is because it’s way too late for those older generations who are set in their own ways? In case you’re wondering, t’s not. Or are they considered the gullible tranches in society that they can trick them into buying stuff? The ads defthink so since it’s mainly aimed at them.

Actually there’s no one more lonely than the person who is perceived to have it all figured out.

In the corporate world, there are the trainees, the trainers, and the trainers of trainers.

The training staff needs some attention y’all.

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