Beginner’s Mindset

We start life with complete ignorance. Life overwhelms us and we cry and our care and well-being lie entirely in the hands of our parents. Then we learn, discover the world, explore our abilities, and adapt to the world’s feedback. We reach a level of competency in our ability to learn culminating in taking our first step. Then we start to be free.

This is the backbone of every single skill we accumulate in our repertoire that we learn to be free and independent from the care of our loved ones, hence unburdening them, and the control of those who know more than we do and as a result can dictate what we do.

The essence of all learning is to gain freedom.

There are different types of lessons we face in life. First, we learn from our parents not only through what they know but who they are as well. Second, we learn from school what gives us the basics that allow us to catch up with the evolving knowledge of the world, and also we learn compliance and servitude as serious side effects.

Third, we learn from first-hand experience, from a first-person perspective, and from the unique way in which we see the universe. No one ever has been or ever will be the same as you. You are an original being in possession of the sacred flame of consciousness. You experience the world through your own mind and one bit at a time you discover the errors in the knowledge of your own parents, and the good and bad intentions behind every lesson you were taught at school.

Soon enough, you receive another overwhelming shock which is what your parents and teachers haven’t told you about the world, nature, and other people who live in it. This is where you will need to take the reins of your own education and follow your path with intention. You will undoubtedly learn through a series of unmitigated and inescapable mistakes and setbacks. You will rise and fall only to rise again and fall again, in way reliving the same lesson of learning how to walk on your own two feet over and over again.

This is the only winning mindset you need to achieve greatness in your life. The mindset of an eternal learner always fighting against gravity and balancing the entire mass of your body over two feet by learning how to control your muscles and coordinate their movements to stay level. Then, you become confident enough to do it on one foot in an attempt to move the other one forward.

This first shaking action develops into a shaky habit, into a practice, and soon into something that you do without any conscious thought whatsoever, and this is mastery.

Your path in life is determined by the things you have mastered and knowing that you can apply the very same principle toward gaining any advantage in life is such a powerful tool in your belt.

Your mind is a superior learning and adaptation machine and if you feed it with persistent practice it will deliver mastery. You must trust the process and be patient with yourself. No one ever was born a master. Everyone had to learn it the same way.

Trust yourself. Now, go.

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